Saturday, 31 August 2013

Venice Film Festival: Best and Worst Dressed Days One and Two

The Venice Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday with an opening ceremony before the premiere of Gravity in 3D, starring the ever-desirable George Clooney and actress and producer Sandra Bullock. Day two was dominated by women as the Italian picture Via Castellana Bandiera was screened, which stars a wholly female cast. Australian production Tracks was also showcased; the true story of Robyn Davidson's 200km journey across the Australian desert. Let's take a look at the fashion from the first two days. 

Best Dressed: 

Natalia Borges

Model and face of Garnier Fructis Natalia Borges had the best outfit of the night as she combined two of my favourite things: clashing prints and leather. I was in awe of this Fausto Puglisi creation, which combines monochrome with plaid and a leather top. Combining it with chunky, multiple-buckle heels and an over sized ruby Shorouk necklace made for the perfect look. Blown away!

Carey Mulligan

English rose Carey Mulligan looked super sophisticated in Miu Miu yesterday. I love the navy colour, the cut is modest and the collar gives a cute element. She jazzed up an otherwise plain look by donning quirky sunglasses. Go girl. 

Francesca Cavallin

Two things are perfect about this outfit: the sheer element, as it carries the piece, and the colour is exquisite too. We really don't see enough shades of purple on the red carpet and I was very excited when Italian actress Cavallin stepped out in this Barbara Casasola creation. The two-tone element makes it truly unique and the long sleeves are extremely flattering. 
                 From img1.amando.itFrom

Michelle Dockery

I love that both Michelle Dockery and Carey Mulligan don't need a drop of fake bake to look amazing- it's a breath of fresh air to see a natural look in Hollywood. The Downton star wore a bright rouge Miu Miu mini dress. Simple,but completely complimenting, I love her sleek bob and simple clutch with black heels. 

Fiammetta Cicogna

I can't explain how much I love this shade of green on Cicogna's floaty gown. The loose fit made the dress positively Grecian and her simple stilettos and side plait meant nothing detracted from her fabulous dress. 

Sandra Bullock 

American star Sandra Bullock went colourful in this Alex Perry piece for the first day photocall. The fruitsalad shades are striking and totally flattering, and I always respect those who feel comfortable moving away from the monochrome trend. 



Worst Dressed: 

Marina Ripa di Meana

The Gravity premiere definitely got more exciting when Marina Ripa di Meana strolled in. WHY oh WHY does she have a bird cage on her head?! no words. This is god-awful, possibly the worst dressed person EVER. 

Eva Riccobono 

This piece might be an Armani Prive, but it definitely resembles a giant doily. Riccobono wore the dress for a photocall, but it might as well have been a wedding shoot. EW. 

Mia Wasikowska

Reserved actress Mia Wasikowska disappointed me in this painfully simple Nina Ricci fishtail gown. The neckline is unflattering and her up do does nothing for her face, sorry Mia! 

Ksenia Rappoport 

Again, the simplicity of this dress is why I put Rappoport's dress on the worst dressed list. The midnight blue is too safe, and definitely a colour that has been worn out on the red carpet. I am not a fan of strapless dresses either- they give the impression that the gown is slipping down. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Oh How They Have Blossomed! Ugly Duckling Celebs

To us, the world of celebrity is one of materialism, endless supplies of money and most importantly, the perfect persona. Appearance and wardrobe are often the two influential parts that make them successful so it's always great to see that at one time in their lives, they looked just like you and me. Let's take a look at some of those infamous celebrities who after starting off as ugly ducklings, emerged through puberty to became elegant swans. Can you guess who they are? 

Country Cornrows

What glorious hair this young teen had, I am still baffled as to why she doesn't feel the need to don this style on stage. Who knew such a rosy-cheeked angel would turn into a serial dater?                                  
Answer: Taylor Swift


An American Idol

This television host and producer definitely lost his puppy fat along with his glasses as he saw potential in making a programme about the Kardashians.  But who is this brace face?
Answer: Ryan Seacrest


What a wonderful portrayal of normality this actress seems to depict in one of her school photos. Now a global sex symbol and starring in films such as 'Jennifer's Body' and 'Jonah Hex', it seems the gap-toothed girly suited a bob, and is that a mono brow I see?
Answer: Megan Fox


Modelling the bowl cut, it seems it wasn't all luxury for this legendary star. Known for his suave air and his timeless look, can you guess who this silver fox is? 
Answer: George Clooney

Single Lady

Even in her youth, this singing legend had a pretty flawless face. However she once explained that she was extremely overweight as a child, so perhaps she isn't so perfect?! Who is this bootilicious babe?
Answer: Beyonce 

Empire State of Mind

Even as a sprog, this rapper was a fan of his gold. Now owning a major record label and married to the Queen of pop, who is this cheeky chappy below? 
Answer: Jay Z

Silver Lining

For this 23-year old, her career might have only just begun, but she seems she has left her 13 year-old self well and truly behind. Described as a tomboy in her youth, the Tennessee-born actress made her name in The Hunger Games. 
Answer: Jennifer Lawrence

What a poker face

Don't let this innocent face fool you. Stephani is famous for her New York background and her love to singing, dancing, fashion designing and acting. With a massive comeback planned and a new album set for release in November, who is this pop superstar? 
Answer: Lady Gaga

Friday, 23 August 2013

5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck is a BAD Choice to Play the Eighth Batman

I think the internet pretty much broke down in shock when the news broke that Ben Affleck was to play Batman in the upcoming 2015 sequel to Man of Steel. Twitter tore down the actor, with a majority of users claiming that he was a bad fit for the role- a current trending hashtag "#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck" proves the thoughts of the social networking site. 
I myself am of the thought that Ben Affleck, although a brilliant actor, would be completely unsuitable for the role. Here are my five reasons why. 

1. He doesn't look like Batman

As a big Batman fan, I just don't think Affleck fits the bill in terms of his look. Maybe I am too fixed on that Argo beard he grew, but Warner Brothers say they are hoping to channel an older, more war-torn Batman. It reminds of the time when George Lucas thought it would be an amazing idea to make an Indiana Jones sequel and stick an ageing Harrison Ford in situations where only a younger counterpart could cope- disaster. 

Val Kilmer: cool and collected Batman


George Clooney: suave Batman


Michael Keaton: Geeky Batman 

Christian Bale: All round awesome Batman


Ben Affleck: Get out. 


2. Have you seen Daredevil?

Cringe, cringe, cringe. As superhero movies go, Daredevil was most definitely the most dire. The story is one of a man blinded by toxic waste, who somehow manages to learn some half-impressive martial arts skills. The film reaches it's lowest point when we see Colin Farrell as a villain who has a bulls eye scar on his head. Why didn't Warner Bros learn from Marvel's mistakes? 

3. He needs to stick to directing 

Mr Affleck very much cemented his name in the directing field back in 2010 in The Town, a picture in which he also starred. With last year's Argo winning Best Picture at the Oscars, perhaps he needs to realise that his expertise isn't in superhero movies. 

4. Superman will thrash him 

The Man of Steel sequel to be released in 2015 is rumoured to be named 'Batman vs Superman' with director Zack Snyder hinting that Batman will be older and wiser than Superman, a role which Henry Cavill will take on once again. So human vs alien.. it's pretty obvious who will (hopefully) win. I won't be the only one thinking that perhaps the purpose of the movie is to kill off Batman, leaving no more options for the Dark Knight to return. Plus, Henry Cavill is hotter, and this definitely makes the argument legit. 

5. He is painfully boring

Okay so this is cheating, as it doesn't have a whole lot to do with his acting. Remember his nasty J Lo break-up ? His alcohol addiction? His scruffy appearance and his run-ins with paparazzi? It seems this aspect of his life is far behind him. In fact, he could probably rival Colin Farrell in the straight-laced department. Boring! and certainly not Batman material.
      From pbs.

What do you think of the choice?? 

Live Blog: Celebrity Big Brother UK 2013 Launch: Who Entered the House?

Unlike the droll and gratuitously inarticulate contestants that take part in the regular Big Brother series', the celebrity version provides the watcher with a group of failing stars who are attempting to desperately claw back that tiny bit of sparkle they once had-- pure entertainment. Let's take a look at who is entering the house.

Louie Spence

Dancer and TV personality Louie Spence was the first to shimmy his way into the house this evening, donning a pink glittery blazer and immediately re-arranging the cushions as he entered the house.

Lauren Harries

Calling herself a 'child prodigy' in the field of antiques and proclaiming herself as famous back in the late 80s, she posed for the cameras eagerly as her 'boobs' spilt out of her LBD. Whilst in the house she will no doubt be addressing her gender reassignment (she was born James).

Sophie Anderton

English model, drug addict and generally plastic-faced, Sophie Anderton is your standard z-lister who hopes to achieve a better reputation by entering the house and showing the public her supposed 'other side'. Blah blah. Let's see how the 43 year-old fares.
The first three contestants are told they are to be the founding members of a cult. They enter a room where they are to watch the new contestants enter and judge them- they are told that they will hold the power to evict one of them.

Les and Janis, aka Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwhistle

These two Coronation Street has-beens bring in the chavvy element all Big Brother line ups need. Although they are not together and entering the house as seperate entities, I don't think they will ever escape their Les and Janis days.

Courtney Stodden

oh wow. There is always a cliche blonde haired, big busted chick who enters the house and this contraversial one is no different. Stodden is famous for getting married to Doug Hutchison when he was 50 and she only 16. She received many boos as she walked the red carpet. Was it her artifical look, or her poor attempt at a British accent.. who knows?

Abz Love

Former member of Five, Abz Love preaches his superhero powers and repetitively blames his money spending on his love of sex, drugs and rock n roll (apparently). First member of the house to admit he is in this for the cash. Yawn.

Danielle Marr

Who? Mouthy Irish reality television star Danielle Marr preaches about the fact that she runs a botox clinic, and it DEFINITELY shows on her face. 

Dustin Diamond

Tagline: " I went to the Playboy mansion aged 12". Diamond starred in Saved By The Bell and seems to fancy himself as a ladies man, even dropping in the fact that he has a sex tape. Obsessed chess and Metal fan. Ewww.
22: 10

Charlotte Crosby

Madness arrives in the house in the form of Charlotte from Geordie Shore. YAY! Crudity, clumsiness and drunken antics are sure to ensue with this lady in the house. According to her profile she likes to drink gravy instead of tea, WTF. 

Mario Falcone

Essex taylor and bad boy himself  Mario Falcone is the third reality television star to enter the house.His chat up line is :“You’re beautiful but you could have done your hair better”, he has an obsession with his hair and continues to say he is 100% single thinking Mila Kunis and Megan Fox are in his league. Oh dear. 

Carol Mc Giffin

Loose Women’s McGiffin is known for her outspoken nature and her hatred of being labelled a ‘cougar’ after dating a man twenty years her junior and likes to call herself a party girl. Oooh err.

Ron Atkinson

Football manager, most famously for Manchester United. Nicknamed Big Ron, he says he hates ‘idiots’- I can tell he will get on with a lot of people in the house.. nahhht.