Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fail! Did Alexandra Burke Get a Misspelt Tattoo?

Tattoos are very much the latest fashion for a majority of celebrities and for former X Factor contestant Alexandra Burke, she could not wait to share her newest ink with her Twitter followers. 
But straight after the star posted the picture of her body art, many of her fans were commenting that they had observed a spelling mistake on the tattoo. Burke received her tattoo at Bang Bang in New York, the infamous parlour that has Rihanna and Cara Delevingne as clients. 
The words 'love and loyalty' can be seen on her left shoulder, however from her initial Instagram image, the word loyalty looks as if it is missing a 't'. Bad times.. 
After much speculation, the singer posted another (un-filtered) image on her Instagram to clear up our mistake. 
The image was captioned:" Had to make sure there was NO FILTER ON THIS ONE!!!!! For those who think its a fail. Go check yourself. Cos it seems to say .. LOVE AND LOYALTY !!!! Now chill out.. "

It still looks like "love and loyaly" from a distance Burkey...