Monday, 24 February 2014

Surprise Surprise! Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton Split

It's no secret that perve of pop Robin Thicke has had his slimy mitts elsewhere of late. From grinding behind Miley Cyrus at THAT VMAs performance last year, to being captured grabbing the behind of socialite Lana Scolaro and even being seen kissing a mystery woman at a Paris nightclub only last week. 

Everything was made official today as wife Paula Patton confirmed to People magazine that the pair have split after eight years of marriage. 

Her statement said: 

"We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time"

Thicke had always swatted away rumours of a separation, even proclaiming his marriage was "the greatest love of the century" and even defended his controversial single 'Blurred Lines' by telling the press it was about his wife. 

The pair have a young son

I don't know about you, but I think Patton has had a lucky escape. Lets take a look back at Thicke's questionable behaviour over the past year: 

Last week he hit a Parisian nightclub with pal Kanye West to do a little bit more than dancing. The 36 year-old was seen getting close to a young woman on the dance floor. 

In October Thicke proved how classy he was by donning the front cover of little known Treats! magazine with a number of naked women. If repulsive could be represented in human form, it would manifest as him. 

At the end of August 2013, Thicke took to the stage to duet with tongue-wagger Miley Cyrus in a shocking rendition of Blurred Lines. Grinding, twerking and general inappropriate behaviour ensued. Where's that sick bucket when you need it? 

After the VMAs, the singer was pictured with New York socialite Lana Scolaro. The image shocked the world as a reflection in a mirror behind the pair showed Thicke with his hand on her derrieré, how vile. 

Thickster might have been having fun with young son Julian in Miami in September but according to the Daily Mail, he still managed to GRAB some time with a female admirer. 

March was the month of that infamous Blurred Lines video that featured topless models, sexist and explicit lyrics and general disrespect for the younger audience. I don't know about you, but I was scarred. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Rebecca Adlington Has Nose Job After Receiving Verbal Abuse

Retired Swimming star Rebecca Adlington has recently revealed that she underwent a procedure on her nose after much insecurity and a torrent of abuse on Twitter for her appearance. 

Following her stint on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, the public witnessed the athlete's concerns about her prominent nose and the pressures of looks in the limelight as she wrongly compared herself to fellow contestant, airhead and beauty queen Amy Willerton.

The 25 year-old had previously talked about having surgery in an interview, saying:

"Every day I look in the mirror and go, ‘God, I’m not pretty. I’ve got a very big nose.” 

She went on to admit that after years of abusive comments, social media site Twitter is where she receives most name-calling: 

"People say ‘Oh God you look like a dolphin’, or ‘I didn’t realise they let whales into the Olympics, but at least you should be able to swim faster'.” 

Although Adlington talked about making sure the shape would be right for her face and that she would like to have it straightened, having the procedure done raises concerns as to whether internet abuse and pressures from the media could have influenced her for all the wrong reasons. 

Before (right) and After (left) her surgery 

Becky booked herself into the Harley Street Clinic a few weeks ago having her nose size reduced and a bump removed. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the Brit Awards 2014

Best Dressed

Lily Allen
Her outfit might have flopped at the BAFTAs, but Lily shone on the Brit's red carpet last night. I loved her buttercup yellow dip-dye hairpiece that complimented her small Chanel clutch. She kept it sophisticated in a floor-length sequined gown that flattered her slim figure-in your face Katy Hopkins.

For the after party Allen let her hair down donning a high-waisted baby pink skirt with bra in a cheeky fruit salad shade. 

Nicole Scherzinger 
Oh my, can Nicole do any wrong? another celeb to have a double whammy of fabulous outfits was former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger. For her entrance she opted for cigarette trousers that accompanied a cropped blazer, however the focal point of the two piece was her leather bralet with giant gold studs and straps that extended  from her neck to her wrists. Finishing off her look were some powerfully dense cat eyes and a small quiff- perfection. 

She might have chosen baby pink, but Scherzy still looked equally fierce in a deep-V bralet, pencil skirt and matching bomber jacket with snakeskin and quilted panelling. 

Fearne Cotton
English rose and style icon Fearne Cotton dazzled on the red carpet last night with this cute silver gown with metallic sheer sleeves. She kept it chic by donning matching stilettos, simple jewellery and an embellished clutch. 

Rita Ora 
Showing everyone she is hot right now was Rita Ora in a stunning Prada piece. The lemon floor-length gown hugged her beautiful figure in all the right places and the emerald green embellishments combined with her loose curls finished off her outfit perfectly. 

Ella Eyre
She might be pint-size, but Ella Eyre packed a punch in her subtle leopard print gown. Letting her curls loose, she looked truly fierce. Roar.

Peaches Geldof
I love Peaches' style, she always looks effortless and I was a big fan of her off-the-shoulder crop top with knee-length leather skirt and skinny heels.

Worst Dressed

Jessie J
Singer Jessie J scored herself two own goals last night with a number of dreadful outfits. By far the most garish was this nude and metallic jumpsuit. Omg Jessie you're hair grew fast! oh wait...
Note: If you wish to be brave and go for lilac lipstick, make sure your outfit is dark- this doesn't work JJ. 

Ellie Goulding
Winning the award for best female might make her feel like a star, but prom queen she isnt. This insipid baby pink gown is too bottom-heavy and the lace underskirts look extremely tacky. Juxtaposing the piece are a pair of pointless built-in pockets and a lazy side plait that just doesn't work. 

Conor Maynard
Is it me, or has Mr Maynard put on some weight? R U Crazy Conor? He managed to squeeze himself into this mohair suit but it's inflexibility is clear. Oh dear.

Boy George
Ridiculous 80's artist Boy George decided that his dull outfit needed to be spiced up with some inappropriate bruise make-up. His justification? He wanted to be seen as a  'fashion victim'. *rolls eyes*

Danii and Kylie

Double trouble for these Aussie sisters. Maybe they both got dressed in the dark as these gowns are GHASTLY. Kylie squeezed herself into this fugly latex mini dress complete with oversized bow while Dannii's bizarre one-shoulder piece contained patchy lace. Ewww

Myleene Klass
Mark Fast created the disaster that irritating presenter Myleene Klass opted for last night. I'm unclear as to whether the piece is meant to look like a swimsuit, or is meant to expose the briefs she is wearing. Either way, it's hurting my eyes. 

Rita Ora 
She might have hit the jackpot with her red carpet dress, but a bleary-eyed Rita Ora combined a crow-esque dress with dark gladiator sandals. It was a big risk but unfortunately it didn't pay off. 

Katy Perry
She embraced the Egyptian theme for new music video 'Dark Horse' but her harsh cropped hair clashed with her cigarette laced two-piece. The frilled sleeves and dark make-up were unflattering and outfit was a complete fail. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the BAFTAs 2014

Best Dressed

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Erm, wow. I don't know about you, but I'm taking some serious tips from this couple. Co-ordinating with your boyf is definitely in at the moment with this Saint Laurent and Valentino combo. Brad kept it sleek and suave and Angelina juxtaposed him perfectly with an open shirt, cigarette trousers and some skinny stilettos. Perfect!

Fearne Cotton
Forget the fact that Fearne Cotton is simply a Radio 1 DJ because this lady has serious style. I LOVED this gold embellished floor-length gown with sophisticated long sleeves and finishing off her look with oversized, luscious curls made me green with envy. 

Ruth Wilson
I spotted an awful lot of black at this year's BAFTAs  and so it was fabulous to see a bit of metallic donned by Ruth Wilson. Her ankle-length cigarette trousers with matching blazer and rouge trim ignited the red carpet and I loved her matching stilettos. 

Lea Seydoux
Woweee, Lea looks gorgeous in midnight blue Prada. The bust embellishments are super sassy, but the sleeves add a touch of class. Chiffon can often ruin an outfit, but with this gown it adds an ethereal feel. Those Hollywood curls are to die for. 

Olga Kurylenko
Flawless former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko opted for a stunning Burberry piece last night. A deep V is softened with a bandeau attachment and the bottom half of the skirt is composed of red snakeskin-style glittered sequins. 

Amy Adams
Ever the classic beauty, Amy Adams struck gold in Victoria Beckham last night. Complimenting her in all the right places, the high neck, subtle sheer sections and fitted bottom half looked fabulous. I love her low side bun and plum lipstick too!

Michelle Rodriguez 
Leather elements are a massive winner and I am loving Michelle's choice this weekend. The dark turquoise parts of the dress fuse with the leather perfectly ribboned at several points and Rodriguez finishes off her look with loose waves and a solid clutch. 

Tinie Tempah
Tinie looked fabulous in his velvet suit with matching shoes! Next time though, try not to high-five Prince William during the ceremony, that's just embarrassing. 

Leonardo Di Caprio 
*SWOON* How suave does Leo look in his Giorgio Armani suit? Perfectly quaffed hair and  some shiny shoes are all this actor needs to look utterly flawless. 

Worst Dressed

Lily Allen
Vivenne Westwood is known for her quirky pieces and I really did love the variety of colour to Allen's choice. However the pink hair piece to accompany the gown cheapened the otherwise sophisticated silk. Sorry Lily!

Tuppence Middleton
Another silk piece to make its way into my worst dressed list is this one worn by the unfortunately named Tuppence. The actress' night gown-esque dress went with gaudy matching handbag in insipid baby pink and I wasn't keen on the array of ruffles that situated themselves on her left side. 

Helen Mirren
Despite the fact that slight ruffles, embellishments and sheer panelling are very much in at the moment, combining them makes for an eyesore. Mirren might have received a distinctive award last night, but there are no prizes in store for this gown. 

Gwendoline Christie 
Hey Gwendoline, are you cold?! The Game of Thrones actress looked looked slightly chilly on the red carpet with this dress and matching cape. Yes, that's right, a cape. Is hatred too strong a word? I do love to see a lady of fair complexion however...

Monday, 10 February 2014

Justin Bieber Changes His Name to Bizzle as He Begins Rap Career

When you're an extremely wealthy 19 year-old that's riddled with petty crime convictions and no limits, it's always advisable to opt for a fresh start. After leaving his pop routes behind to create his smooth r'n'b journals, the Canadian star has now decided to let out his inner rapper. 

Changing his Instagram account to 'Bizzle', his beliebers proceeded to go into meltdown- sigh. Working closely with T.I in the recording studio, it seems the star is wishing to have all media eyes on his career, as oppose to his criminal activity. 

Looking chirpy with T.I in the recording studio

He took to his Twitter page to re-iterate his love for making music:

"This isnt work. this is being creative. doing what i love. music"

Another tweet said:

"Always working always creating"

Whether he is really working or creating anything of merit is another matter. 

You may own a few snapbacks and have a sleeve full of squiggles, but Biebs, you will never be a rapper.  

The Biebs seems to have accumulated a new set of friends

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the Grammys 2014

Last week, the biggest night of music took place as the stars hit the red carpet in LA to strut their stuff and celebrate generations of talent. From the Beatles' Paul Mc Cartney, to new lady on the block Lorde, the night displayed an array of performances and gave nods to those chart-topping artists. Let's take a look at the best and worst dressed from the night. 

Best Dressed

Katy Perry

Katy Perry obviously couldn't decide between gowns at the Grammys because she ended up changing a total of three times. Her red carpet piece is by far the most elegant, an ivory floor length dress with layered sheer skirts which reveal musical notes underneath. Finishing her clean-cut look with a chunky plait bun she looked every inch the ethereal beauty. 

Paris Hilton
Miss Hilton was a shocker of the night, looking super sophisticated in a white, intricately embellished gown with sheer striped sleeves and a messy quiff. By far my favourite look of the night. 

Rita Ora
Showing her and boyfriend Calvin Harris were stronger than ever, Ora strutted own the red carpet in this fabulous metallic moss bodycon dress. Teaming it with classic curls and skinny stilettos, she shone as she cuddled up to her beau. 

Iggy Azalea 
When it comes to Iggy Azalea, her choice of chiffon dresses have often been unflattering in the past. Opting for a light, elegant dress with a high neck and floor length however, it seemed to compliment her greatly. The wonderful intricacy of the embellished top half of the dress is perfect for the subtle vertical stripes that run down the bottom half, an effect which is slimming too. 

Taylor Swift 
Yay for the metallics last week as Taylor Swift leads the trend in this chain mail-esque gown with sheer sleeves and neck line. I love her relaxed pony which means no attention is averted from the eye-catching detail of the gown. 


On first look, I had slight doubts about this gown as I am not too keen on the doily look. However a combination of Beyoncé's posing and hair and beauty accompaniments won me over here- white floral print could be coming back in thanks to this piece. Such a pity the star caved into the pressures of weight loss though- Knowles is a svelte 6 here. 

Worst Dressed

Thats what you get when your son dresses you. It's almost as if we have rewound to the Me Against The Music video days, I half expected Madge to stick that cane in between her legs again and writhe around on the floor. The pop legend looked awful in this manly suit and over-sized hat, it was way too harsh on her fair complexion.  I'm waiting for the day this lady actually dons something sophisticated- I have a feeling I will be waiting a while. 

Kelly Osbourne
THAT HAIR. Cut it, dye it, so something with it because it's awful. It often baffles me how Kelly Osbourne got herself on the panel of E!'s Fashion Police, as she is seldom in something appropriate. LBD's are fabulous but this one just swamps her. The embellished shoulders are gorgeous but the overall look is drab and her body seems to completely disappear. 

Ariana Grande
Question: Will Ariana Grande ever do anything different with her hair? I fear the answer is no. Scraping it back and curling it seems to be the only style for her at the moment, and this prissy floral dress did nothing for me. Teaming it with silky, sickly pink heels sealed her fate. 

I absolutely adore P!nk, but her dress left me stale. I am not a fan of strapless pieces anyway, but I thought the combination of silky and matte panelling looked undesirable. I do love her signature quiff though, keep rocking it P!nk. 

Guiliana Rancic
Can someone tell me why Rancic was even on the red carpet last weekend? Annoying E! host looked a vivid pukey colour at the Grammy's, displaying perfectly how NOT to wear a sheer piece. The white outline to the top of the dress is repulsive and even though Beyoncé got away with the doily look, Guilana did not. 

Pharrell Williams
Nooooo! I was so disappointed to see one of the biggest successes in music at the moment, looking like a complete arse. His hat resembles a Dr Seuss creation, and why is he wearing half a tracksuit? I despair. 

Paula Patton (and Robin Thicke)
The perve of pop took to the red carpet looking as creepy as he usually does, but it was his blasé wife who looked the most ghastly of the pair. Wearing what looked like a zebra rug, her textured gown made me as nauseous as I was when I first watched the Blurred Lines video.