Monday, 21 April 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at Coachella 2014: Weekend Two

The second weekend of arguably the most star-studded festival of the year kicked off on Friday as celebs and mere mortals alike flocked to the Californian music celebration. 

Best Dressed


Forever the fashionista, Beyoncé posted a number of fun-filled images on her social media accounts during the easter weekend, including multiple with husband Jay- Z at Coachella. The star looked gorgeous in an Egyptian themed tee, chunky chain necklace, white hot pants and heeled ankle boots. Finishing off her look with fiery rouge and a messy bun made a perfect accompaniment to a flawless festival look. Take notes ladies...

Vanessa Hudgens (and Austin Butler) 

I'm pretty sure my love for Vanessa Hudgens is on a wildly creepy level, she is the Queen of boho for sure. I always get excited about her outfits and this was one of my favourites of the week. Fringed pieces are hard to pull off but Hudgens combined a sleeveless cardigan with a pencil skirt, adding colour through the intricate beading of her bralet. Her gypsy-style jewellery, bindis and oversized round sunglasses gave her a quirky edge and she showed her adventurous side by applying pink hair chalk, perfect. Boyfriend Austin Butler added the swoon factor with a messy ponytail, skinny jeans, Converse and a plaid skirt. BE MY BOYFRIEND!

Lana Del Ray
Many seem to be scared of colour, but I totally admired Lana Del Ray for this fabulous dress. Risqué but bursting with substance, the floral V-neck mini complimented her fair complexion and looked super comfy too. 

Kylie Jenner
This girl can do no wrong. Teaming up the classic festival accompaniments- a bum bag, sleeveless printed tee and shorts, she included extensively detailed jewellery and some killer brown knee high boots. I'm in love. 

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner defines the word cute, and I admire her ability to adopt themes to her clothing. Her first outfit encapsulated boho chic with this white gypsy-esque crop top with elasticated trim and black and white patterned trousers with a slight flair for a 70's look. 

Is that you, Pocahontas? Kendall looks uber adorable with her plaits that accompany her moss green-holed tank, scored white hot pants and neckerchief. Fab!

Willow Smith
She might only be 13, but boy does this lady know how to dress. Losing those awful plaits, there was no whipping to be seen as Willow donned a 90's style fluorescent halter neck and stonewashed jeans with some jazzy eye-popping socks. Vintage! 

Solange Knowles
Comfort knows no bounds with this outfit. Solange radiates in this mustard yellow two-piece with gold sandals, perfectly contrasted to her mint green pastel nails. Ethereal or what?

Worst Dressed

Kelly Brook 
Caught taking a selfie, Kelly Brook made several fashion boo boos at Coachella this weekend. Her animal print dress was one of them, as the elasticated elements to the bottom of the piece would flatter no-one. Stealing Indiana Jones' hat, and combining them with tasselled shoes made for a disaster, and who ties a leather jacket around their waist?!

Bella Thorne

Although I dislike what her friend (on the right) is wearing more, I wasn't too keen on Bella Thorne's outfit. Ill-fitting with super ugly sandals, I think the top would have looked better with some leggings or jeans. 

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice has to be one of the most plain-looking of the Coachella bunch, her nude boots seem redundant and although her intricate necklace is nice, her generic shorts and plain black top leave me a bit underwhelmed. 

Millie Mackintosh (and Professor Green) 
Sticking out like a sore thumb, and indeed making my eyes sore in the process, are newly weds Professor Green and his Made in Chelsea wife Millie Mackintosh. Taking her fashion from last year's Coachella, she donned an outdated floral headband and played it way too safe with nudes and pastels. Can you hear me snoring from here?  

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at Coachella- Weekend One

Year upon year, I DIE of jealousy as I flick through the images of stunningly beautiful and stupidly thin celebs as they soak up the sun, top up their tans, attend pool parties, drink themselves silly and most importantly listen to the music at Coachella's annual festival. This year turned me just as green with envy, and here's my pick of the best and worst dressed throughout last weekend. If anyone fancies taking me to Coachella next year, I'm free?! (jus' sayin) 

Best Dressed

Kendall Jenner
oh man, girl crush alert. I love this black lace outfit Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner wore last weekend. Dark boho at it's best, I loved her facial jewellery too. Can I have a lick of yo' ice lolly? 

Katy Perry (and Alexander Wang)
So 3-D glasses are now an accessory?! I'm in. Katy Perry looks effortlessly cool with Alexander Wang (squeal!) as she combined sporty chic in this black ensemble with some fab green dip-dye. Love you Katy!

Selena Gomez
Lace, lace everywhere and I love it! Selena was hanging around buds Kendall and Kylie at the festival and stood out in her beautifully embroidered lace dress with shorts and crop top underneath. Combining the look with a floppy hat completes the perfect festival look. I tip my own hat to you Miss Gomez. 

Poppy Delevingne
If anyone would have been happy this weekend it would have been Poppy Delevingne (middle)as she celebrated both her engagement, and the fact that she is generally fabulous. Killer bod plus black two-piece plus embarassingly tropical sunglasses equals pure joy. Go Poppy!

Emma Roberts
Actress Emma Roberts won the award for most exciting vest at Coachella- I love this banana ribcage-esque tee with classic denim hot pants and some oversized sunnies. Does Evan come with the outfit, because I'm totally going to buy it if he does... 

Worst Dressed

Laura Whitmore
Is that Pixie Lott?! oh no wait it's just Laura Whitmore. This look has been done before, and this outfit almost lulled me to sleep. Lace is fun, but not on a cream shirt and those patterned shorts are dire. Killer pins though, wowza.

Emmy Rossum
There's boho chic, then there's parachute. I'm not keen on this semi-sheer blue maxi dress and I felt the white floral headband was a bit much, I totally thought we got rid of them last year?! Soz Emmy. 

Hilary Duff
No nooooo, how are boots and shorts acceptable, I could have sworn these celebs had stylists? The scarf totally contradicts the shorts and those insipid heeled boots do nothing for the outfit. Step away everyone, it's a lost cause.

Katy Perry
It's always annoying when sunburnt skin ruins an outfit, and unfortunately for Katy, just that happened.Her rag, I mean, two piece clashed with her pink hue and the double split in her skirt is pretty unflattering. What happened Katy?!

Ellie Goulding
Bondage springs to mind. Is Ellie Goulding wearing a seatbelt or is this some kind of joke? I don't know about you but I would totally pull down that awkward zip on her shorts down, just for giggles. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

Best Dressed: 
Nicki Minaj
There really is nothing that beats a little black dress, and Nicki Minaj looked stunning in Alexanda McQueen at the weekend. Teaming the piece with minimal make-up, side swept hair with Hollywood curls and some gold accessories, she shone. 

Iggy Azalea 
 The daring pieces are always my favourite, and I loved the geometric shapes to this white John Galliano gown with sheer elements. Chunky futuristic perspex-look heels complete with thick black front bar juxtaposed her crimped 90's look ponytail. Fierce!

Rita Ora 
Another lady to opt for black, Ora left Coachella behind to don this Barbara Casasola piece. She combined the demure length with a plunging neckline, thick curls and rouge. Fabulous. 

Shailene Woodley
I am really feeling Game of Thrones with this Balmain outfit as moving away from the contemporary black leather, this cement green dress compliments Woodley in all the right places. Her highly detailed black heels and minimal make-up and jewellery do nothing to detract from this charming outfit. 

Famous for not wearing an awful lot, Riri entered the red carpet in nightwear it seems... but it really worked. The pale pink gown was warn with matching stilettos and baby pink corset. Super sexy or what. 

Lupita Nyong'o
Karl Lagerfeld did well as new actress on the block Lupita Nyong'O demonstrated this weekend. The multicoloured layers are stunning, she truly injected colour into the night and I loved her choice of bright blue heels to accompany it. 

Zac Efron
YUM. For those of you that watched the ceremony, the highlight (by a long shot) was the ripping of this shirt by Rita Ora. Swoon factor here as Efron combined a smart denim shirt (that revealed just enough arm muscle) with some super skinny jeans. Marry me?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I've always loved a bit of Mr Johnson (remember Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging?) but is it me, or has Aaron got like 100000x hotter? his slick polo neck with inserts showed off his *ahem* muscley build and wow those are some perfectly tight trousers. Oh la laaa. 

Worst Dressed

Bella Thorne
Here is a lesson in how to wear pastels wrong. Bella's dress is AWFUL. I hate the single sleeve and the floral detail around the cleavage. Wrap-style dresses went out long ago. BLEURGH

Ellen Page

Is it just me, or has Ellen Page been dressing sloppy recently? I'm not a fan of this ill-fitting shirt. Sort it out.

Jared Leto
Dare I say this, but I preferred what Leto wore in most recent film Dallas Buyers Club! This Hawaiian shirt/straw hat combo is ghastly. This isn't Coachella Jared!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Peaches Geldof Dies at the age of 25

Model and journalist Peaches Geldof has tragically died today at the age of 25. The daughter of Sir Bob Geldof spent a majority of her life in the limelight modelling at London Fashion Week and writing political pieces for The Telegraph and The Guardian

Geldof married husband Max Drummey back in 2008 and they had two sons Astala and Phaedra, both of which strongly feature on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Police report that they were called to an address in Wrotham, Kent after a woman's welfare became of concern. Her death is being treated as unexplained and extremely sudden, not the first tragedy the Geldof family have suffered. 

Paula Yates, Peaches mother died in 2000 after a drugs overdose and the star spoke of her death to Elle magazine last year, saying 

"I remember the day my mother died, and it's still hard to talk about it. I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father's mentality was 'keep calm and carry on'. "