Friday, 12 June 2015

So Kylie Jenner is Releasing a Secret Album?

If there's one thing celebs LOVE doing, it's multi-tasking. If they can't sing, they act, if they can't do either, they just do both and they'll probably be loved anyway *COUGH* J.LO *COUGH*.

 Kylie Jenner doesn't just have a talent for selfies and socialising as it was reported that she is using those plumped lips of hers to produce her own album!

US Weekly revealed that the reality tv star may be gearing up to drop a secret album, with rumours pointing to the material on her LP being written by (supposed) boyfriend Tyga. Not one to leave any pals out, Jenner has enlisted Pia Mia, brother-in-law Kanye West and Selena Gomez to help her, with an insider saying:

"Selena is one singer who has taken Kylie under her wing. Her music will be different from Selena’s, but Kylie still looks up to her, and appreciates her feedback and advice when it comes to the music business.”

Kylie: "But bbz, I want da album 2 b so unique!"

Kylie is apparently looking to create a sound of her own, similar to what Iggy Azalea has achieved. 

YAWN. What do you guys think?