Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars After Parties

Was it just me, or did the stars that attended the Oscars bring fierce looks to the after parties?! Let's check out the best and worst dressed of the star-studded bunch.

Best Dressed

Lily Collins
Bringing that 1920's sparkle, Lily Collins looked ever inch vamp glamour in her sequinned slip dress with plum lip and retro curls. Wow.

Brie Larson
Adorable Oscar winner Brie Larson chose a fitting blush pink floor-length gown in soft-to-touch velvet for the after parties. I need this dress. 

Alicia Vikander
Phew. So glad Alicia ditched her putrid yellow gown for a slice of sophistication with a black sequin dress, the plunging neckline adding interest to the piece.

Lily Aldridge
Ah so much to look at here. The multiple straps add a sexy touch to Aldridge's dress, while the leather belted skirt and razor sharp pleats bring the look into the new season. 

Anne Hathaway
I have to admit I'm never normally a fan of Anne Hathaway's choice of fashion, but she positively glowed at the Oscars after party in her black and gold gown. 

Emma Roberts
Looking every inch the ethereal beauty, Emma Roberts floated down the Vanity Fair carpet in monochrome chiffon, complete with frilled sleeves and quaint 3D florals- cute as a button. 

Jennifer Lawrence
This season it's all about the two piece and J Law  proved why. Choosing a sleek bandeau with dramatic side split, subtle safety pin detail added a hardwaring finish to the structured ensemble. 


Diane Kruger
Talk about decadent drama! 10/10 for Diane Kruger who lit up the red carpet in this burgundy chiffon gown with rich embellishments and feather-light tassels. 

Vanessa Hudgens
Boho beauty Vanessa Hudgens pared back her look on Sunday night with a silk black dress complete with oversized eyelets and chunky straps. I'm loving those retro-inspired curls. 

Worst Dressed

Liberty Ross
This is wear a silk gown can go wrong ladies. I can't think of one redeeming feature on Liberty Ross' 80's style gown. Avert your eyes. 

Kate Beckinsale
Just like her acting, Beckinsale's outfit is so meh. I love her slicked back hair but the gown is too constrained for me. 

Olivia Wilde
I love Olivia Wilde but this gown was so underwhelming. Teenage prom vibes are to be had here. 

Taylor Swift
BLEURGH. When will you ditch the Wintour look Taylor? Swifty is so boring right now and this LBD is proof that she can't think outside the box. 

Serena Williams
Victoriana is a decadent look now, but Serena looked more like a walking doily. 

Naomi Campbell
Oh god, this is like Liberty Ross' gown 2.0. Put the silk away ladies. *Goes to puke*.

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