Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Weird Celebrity Crushes

In the pristine world of Hollywood, it's pretty hard to find too many flaws in those celebrity folk we see on our screens almost every day. But there are a few (mostly male) exceptions to the rule who although talented in their professions, lack those chiselled  features and drop dead frankly swoon-worthy appearances. Nevertheless, everyone has their weird celebrity crushes, and here are mine. Feel free to embarrass yourself by telling me yours below. I'm all ears. 

Simon Pegg

Cringing AND swooning at the same time is very hard, but I have to say Simon Pegg made my list of weird celebrity crushes for this reason, especially for his role in Hot Fuzz. His fence hopping ability is faultless and his dry humour is something I love. 

Jonah Hill

*covers face* YEAH that's right, Jonah Hill, the actor who played Seth in Superbad. I want to be specific here- I crush on him when he isn't a complete whale. He has an awful habit of yo-yoing with his weight which is a tad unattractive, but he has to be the funniest man in comedy at the moment. LOVE HIM. 

Matt Smith

I guess if you are trying to be nice, you would say Matt Smith's aura is of a quirky vibe, but in all honesty he is plain weird looking. His goofy but intelligent role in Doctor Who totally charmed me though, and that's why he makes it onto my list. Who doesn't love a guy in a dickie bow?

Micheal Cera

Ahhh CRINGE. Just when you thought this list couldn't get any worse, another member of the Superbad cast pops up. Yeah I do like a bit of awkwardness and Cera has a tonne full of that reserved for his roles. He is a geekish caricature personified, but his hilariousness means you can (kind of) ignore his weird looks. 

Shia LaBeouf

The last gentleman on my list is Even Stevens star Shia LaBeouf who made his career starring in Transformers. His clumsy nature is pretty irritating but the fact that he has a cool car is a redeemable feature I suppose. His facial feature often goes WAY too far sometimes. UGH.