Saturday, 14 September 2013

Celebrities We Really Don't Care About Anymore..

Ahh celebrities. They can be role models, campaigners, money makers and talent showcasers. But they can also become attention seekers,limelight-hoggers and  general irritations to society extremely quickly. All of the celebrities below have, at one point or other, held a spot of admiration in our hearts, but their recent behaviour has banished them onto the 'I-couldn't-care-less list'. 

Miley Cyrus

(above: MC makes out with an over-sized baby.. classy)
Need I really go any further in my campaign of 'why we shouldn't care what Miley Cyrus is doing?!'. Her stripping antics are now extremely old, and we all know her behaviour is an  inappropriate example to her young fans. In a bizarre twist, Cyrus spoke with comedian Alan Carr on his chat show this week about being inspired by Britney Spears'  'Slave 4 U' video. I'm not sure about you, but I must have missed the foam finger, hammer licking and full frontal nudity in Brit's video. Sorry Miley but we are tired of you now, there really is no excuse. 

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh

(above: oh so painfully boring.)
Separately, this pair were half acceptable. Professor Green a slightly successful rapper with a decent first album. Millie Mackintosh a socialite and make-up artist who starred in Made In Chelsea. Together they make up the most irritating Z list couple. The rapper often makes us endure Twitter rants over invasion of privacy resulting in tirades of sexist and extremely offensive messages to followers. His now wife bores us with endless Instagram photos of her skinny legs or her dogs in clothes. YAWN. 

Justin Bieber

(above: JB calls THAT a beard apparently)
At the beginning of the year, I think it's fair to say all of us were a little bit sick of hearing about the Bieb's antics while he was on tour. Late arrivals to shows, being topless in arctic temperatures, club rejections and drug links were all in a a day's work for the teen singer. The icying on top of the teeny bopper cake occurred when it was claimed he spat at fans from his Toronto apartment balcony back in July. Although he denied it, pictures of the star were captured by TMZ. These days, the Canadian popstar doesn't have anything particularly worthwhile to do, other than grow what I can only describe as bumfluff. Nice one Biebs, but no-one cares. 

Helen Flanagan 

Cleavage central as Helen Flanagan posts photo number 32432846328 of herself on Instagram. Miss Flanagan, you might have starred in Coronation Street for a while, and spent a fleeting time in the Australian jungle for a reality television series, but we are a little sick of your unintelligent comments, insensitive posing with weapons and tweeting about being alone, causing yourself to be burgled.


(above: another no make-up selfie where Bey looks flawless. UGH) 
As much as I love Beyonce, I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for a glimmer of new music. Whilst playing Glastonbury, the megastar was booed for arriving late, and refusing to be filmed. The Single Ladies singer also stepped out in a bob, prompting thousands of women to cut off their barnets just in time for Mrs Carter to stick extensions in days later. She may be a lovely lady, but we need some new music now Bey. Gaga and Katy Perry look set to steal your limelight with their comebacks (at last).