Thursday, 20 February 2014

Best and Worst Dressed at the Brit Awards 2014

Best Dressed

Lily Allen
Her outfit might have flopped at the BAFTAs, but Lily shone on the Brit's red carpet last night. I loved her buttercup yellow dip-dye hairpiece that complimented her small Chanel clutch. She kept it sophisticated in a floor-length sequined gown that flattered her slim figure-in your face Katy Hopkins.

For the after party Allen let her hair down donning a high-waisted baby pink skirt with bra in a cheeky fruit salad shade. 

Nicole Scherzinger 
Oh my, can Nicole do any wrong? another celeb to have a double whammy of fabulous outfits was former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger. For her entrance she opted for cigarette trousers that accompanied a cropped blazer, however the focal point of the two piece was her leather bralet with giant gold studs and straps that extended  from her neck to her wrists. Finishing off her look were some powerfully dense cat eyes and a small quiff- perfection. 

She might have chosen baby pink, but Scherzy still looked equally fierce in a deep-V bralet, pencil skirt and matching bomber jacket with snakeskin and quilted panelling. 

Fearne Cotton
English rose and style icon Fearne Cotton dazzled on the red carpet last night with this cute silver gown with metallic sheer sleeves. She kept it chic by donning matching stilettos, simple jewellery and an embellished clutch. 

Rita Ora 
Showing everyone she is hot right now was Rita Ora in a stunning Prada piece. The lemon floor-length gown hugged her beautiful figure in all the right places and the emerald green embellishments combined with her loose curls finished off her outfit perfectly. 

Ella Eyre
She might be pint-size, but Ella Eyre packed a punch in her subtle leopard print gown. Letting her curls loose, she looked truly fierce. Roar.

Peaches Geldof
I love Peaches' style, she always looks effortless and I was a big fan of her off-the-shoulder crop top with knee-length leather skirt and skinny heels.

Worst Dressed

Jessie J
Singer Jessie J scored herself two own goals last night with a number of dreadful outfits. By far the most garish was this nude and metallic jumpsuit. Omg Jessie you're hair grew fast! oh wait...
Note: If you wish to be brave and go for lilac lipstick, make sure your outfit is dark- this doesn't work JJ. 

Ellie Goulding
Winning the award for best female might make her feel like a star, but prom queen she isnt. This insipid baby pink gown is too bottom-heavy and the lace underskirts look extremely tacky. Juxtaposing the piece are a pair of pointless built-in pockets and a lazy side plait that just doesn't work. 

Conor Maynard
Is it me, or has Mr Maynard put on some weight? R U Crazy Conor? He managed to squeeze himself into this mohair suit but it's inflexibility is clear. Oh dear.

Boy George
Ridiculous 80's artist Boy George decided that his dull outfit needed to be spiced up with some inappropriate bruise make-up. His justification? He wanted to be seen as a  'fashion victim'. *rolls eyes*

Danii and Kylie

Double trouble for these Aussie sisters. Maybe they both got dressed in the dark as these gowns are GHASTLY. Kylie squeezed herself into this fugly latex mini dress complete with oversized bow while Dannii's bizarre one-shoulder piece contained patchy lace. Ewww

Myleene Klass
Mark Fast created the disaster that irritating presenter Myleene Klass opted for last night. I'm unclear as to whether the piece is meant to look like a swimsuit, or is meant to expose the briefs she is wearing. Either way, it's hurting my eyes. 

Rita Ora 
She might have hit the jackpot with her red carpet dress, but a bleary-eyed Rita Ora combined a crow-esque dress with dark gladiator sandals. It was a big risk but unfortunately it didn't pay off. 

Katy Perry
She embraced the Egyptian theme for new music video 'Dark Horse' but her harsh cropped hair clashed with her cigarette laced two-piece. The frilled sleeves and dark make-up were unflattering and outfit was a complete fail.