Monday, 10 February 2014

Justin Bieber Changes His Name to Bizzle as He Begins Rap Career

When you're an extremely wealthy 19 year-old that's riddled with petty crime convictions and no limits, it's always advisable to opt for a fresh start. After leaving his pop routes behind to create his smooth r'n'b journals, the Canadian star has now decided to let out his inner rapper. 

Changing his Instagram account to 'Bizzle', his beliebers proceeded to go into meltdown- sigh. Working closely with T.I in the recording studio, it seems the star is wishing to have all media eyes on his career, as oppose to his criminal activity. 

Looking chirpy with T.I in the recording studio

He took to his Twitter page to re-iterate his love for making music:

"This isnt work. this is being creative. doing what i love. music"

Another tweet said:

"Always working always creating"

Whether he is really working or creating anything of merit is another matter. 

You may own a few snapbacks and have a sleeve full of squiggles, but Biebs, you will never be a rapper.  

The Biebs seems to have accumulated a new set of friends