Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beyoncé and Jay Z to SPLIT?

Could this be the end of Mr and Mrs Carter? 

Try and bat those rumours away as much as you like Bey, they are still coming back to haunt ya. An insider from The New York Post's page six reported that after the couple attended failed counselling sessions, they are considering a separation. 

Pourquoi I hear you say! Apparently the source claimed the couple are trying to find a way of parting without the presence of a messy divorce, presumably for the benefit of daughter Blue Ivy and to keep the media frenzy to a minimum. 

Mr and Mrs Carter have spent their recent time together on their gargantuan 'On the Run' tour, all smiles on stage, performing a number of intimate and at times, raunchy numbers side by side. The same insider from the New York Post pointed out that no rings were seen on the couple's fingers. Fear of losing them while gyrating, or is a split on the horizon? 

Whether you believe the pesky rumours or not, Jay and Bey have been doing a pretty good job of acting like a happy couple on Instagram..

Just as a side note, bet this insider is Solange. Just sayin...