Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Harry Styles Strips Naked for Instagram Photo

*Cue Directioners going into meltdown* 

Harry Styles can't even hang out with his family without a picture of him being posted online. The 20-year-old was visiting cousin Matt Selley and a friend on Sunday, with a now viral picture being posted on Selley's Instagram account during their day of fun.  

Along with an image of the singer stark naked, but for a hand preserving his dignity, the caption read "Just watched the boxing we recorded! Happy he won! @concept_ben @harrystyles." 

Boxing will never be as exciting again it seems. 

This is not the only racy picture to have been posted as last week the Daily Star (embarrassingly) ran headline" 1D HARRY X-RATED SEX PIC SHAME" before changing their minds and running another story on a fake X-rated image. Talk about confusing...