Friday, 23 August 2013

5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck is a BAD Choice to Play the Eighth Batman

I think the internet pretty much broke down in shock when the news broke that Ben Affleck was to play Batman in the upcoming 2015 sequel to Man of Steel. Twitter tore down the actor, with a majority of users claiming that he was a bad fit for the role- a current trending hashtag "#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck" proves the thoughts of the social networking site. 
I myself am of the thought that Ben Affleck, although a brilliant actor, would be completely unsuitable for the role. Here are my five reasons why. 

1. He doesn't look like Batman

As a big Batman fan, I just don't think Affleck fits the bill in terms of his look. Maybe I am too fixed on that Argo beard he grew, but Warner Brothers say they are hoping to channel an older, more war-torn Batman. It reminds of the time when George Lucas thought it would be an amazing idea to make an Indiana Jones sequel and stick an ageing Harrison Ford in situations where only a younger counterpart could cope- disaster. 

Val Kilmer: cool and collected Batman


George Clooney: suave Batman


Michael Keaton: Geeky Batman 

Christian Bale: All round awesome Batman


Ben Affleck: Get out. 


2. Have you seen Daredevil?

Cringe, cringe, cringe. As superhero movies go, Daredevil was most definitely the most dire. The story is one of a man blinded by toxic waste, who somehow manages to learn some half-impressive martial arts skills. The film reaches it's lowest point when we see Colin Farrell as a villain who has a bulls eye scar on his head. Why didn't Warner Bros learn from Marvel's mistakes? 

3. He needs to stick to directing 

Mr Affleck very much cemented his name in the directing field back in 2010 in The Town, a picture in which he also starred. With last year's Argo winning Best Picture at the Oscars, perhaps he needs to realise that his expertise isn't in superhero movies. 

4. Superman will thrash him 

The Man of Steel sequel to be released in 2015 is rumoured to be named 'Batman vs Superman' with director Zack Snyder hinting that Batman will be older and wiser than Superman, a role which Henry Cavill will take on once again. So human vs alien.. it's pretty obvious who will (hopefully) win. I won't be the only one thinking that perhaps the purpose of the movie is to kill off Batman, leaving no more options for the Dark Knight to return. Plus, Henry Cavill is hotter, and this definitely makes the argument legit. 

5. He is painfully boring

Okay so this is cheating, as it doesn't have a whole lot to do with his acting. Remember his nasty J Lo break-up ? His alcohol addiction? His scruffy appearance and his run-ins with paparazzi? It seems this aspect of his life is far behind him. In fact, he could probably rival Colin Farrell in the straight-laced department. Boring! and certainly not Batman material.
      From pbs.

What do you think of the choice??