Friday, 30 August 2013

Oh How They Have Blossomed! Ugly Duckling Celebs

To us, the world of celebrity is one of materialism, endless supplies of money and most importantly, the perfect persona. Appearance and wardrobe are often the two influential parts that make them successful so it's always great to see that at one time in their lives, they looked just like you and me. Let's take a look at some of those infamous celebrities who after starting off as ugly ducklings, emerged through puberty to became elegant swans. Can you guess who they are? 

Country Cornrows

What glorious hair this young teen had, I am still baffled as to why she doesn't feel the need to don this style on stage. Who knew such a rosy-cheeked angel would turn into a serial dater?                                  
Answer: Taylor Swift


An American Idol

This television host and producer definitely lost his puppy fat along with his glasses as he saw potential in making a programme about the Kardashians.  But who is this brace face?
Answer: Ryan Seacrest


What a wonderful portrayal of normality this actress seems to depict in one of her school photos. Now a global sex symbol and starring in films such as 'Jennifer's Body' and 'Jonah Hex', it seems the gap-toothed girly suited a bob, and is that a mono brow I see?
Answer: Megan Fox


Modelling the bowl cut, it seems it wasn't all luxury for this legendary star. Known for his suave air and his timeless look, can you guess who this silver fox is? 
Answer: George Clooney

Single Lady

Even in her youth, this singing legend had a pretty flawless face. However she once explained that she was extremely overweight as a child, so perhaps she isn't so perfect?! Who is this bootilicious babe?
Answer: Beyonce 

Empire State of Mind

Even as a sprog, this rapper was a fan of his gold. Now owning a major record label and married to the Queen of pop, who is this cheeky chappy below? 
Answer: Jay Z

Silver Lining

For this 23-year old, her career might have only just begun, but she seems she has left her 13 year-old self well and truly behind. Described as a tomboy in her youth, the Tennessee-born actress made her name in The Hunger Games. 
Answer: Jennifer Lawrence

What a poker face

Don't let this innocent face fool you. Stephani is famous for her New York background and her love to singing, dancing, fashion designing and acting. With a massive comeback planned and a new album set for release in November, who is this pop superstar? 
Answer: Lady Gaga