Monday, 12 August 2013

Worst Dressed at the Teen Choice Awards 2013

Although there were many winners at this year's Teen Choice Awards which were held last night, the red carpet was definitely full of losers in fashion. Let's take little peak at the disastrous outfits that plagued the evening . 

Worst Dressed: 

Miley Cyrus

Oh Miley.. I know you wanted to change your image, but dominatrix is not in darling. I hate her thin netted top with leather bikini-style bra and her 'skirt' does simply look like an abundance of belts put together. Not cute. I do love her hair though...

Demi Lovato

I have to admit I am very fussy when it comes to leather and I just don't think twee Demi Lovato suits a rock chick look. I do like her quiff but her boot-heels are formidable and I am not a fan of her frilly blazer. 


Oh wow Nelly... what were you thinking? This eggshell tee is pretty vile, is that a diamond.. ON A SKATEBOARD?  WTH. Leather basketball shorts are a no-no and do your shoe laces up. 

Jennifer Farley

JWOWW looks more suited to a prom than this fun and funky award show..Her cleavage is almost popping out of the boob-tube she is wearing and I am not keen on the netting hanging from the back of the dress. Sorry Jen. 

Jordin Sparks

Stripes are always good, in moderation, but this piece Jordin Sparks donned did not suit her at all, least of all because it finished as a turtle neck. Although it showed off her fabulous figure, I thought the colour was all wrong, and who wants a dress to start where your chin ends??

Ian Somerhalder

Oh lordy.. leather trousers look good on NO-ONE. Mr Somerhalder would have done better had he opted for a suit as this outfit is far too gothic for my liking. Nina Dobrev is probably sighing in relief. 

Ed Sheeran

Is it just me, or has Ed Sheeran got a bit chub chubs lately? the Lego House singer made a wrong move with double denim.