Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Confessions Of My Dream Movie Boyfriend...

So when I was surfing the snazzy Glipho app the other day I came across L.Bel's gliph where she discussed her fictional character crushes. She had some awesome choices which I fully concurred with and I enjoyed reading it so much that I decided to compile my own selection of hunky heartthrobs. Enjoy! 

1. Romeo- Romeo+Juliet 

For me, Shakespeare is a huge weak point. The eloquent language is swoon-worthy and for that reason, the character of Romeo is on my list of dream boyfriends. He has an extremely vulnerable side too and is willing to go against his family for love. Anyone willing to scale a wall to get into your balcony window gets my vote too. 
            From s1.favim.com

2. Driver- Drive

Ryan Gosling's character in Drive is so cool and collected, he doesn't even have a name. Any man with a bit of mystery is attractive, and the Driver certainly delivers in that sense. He wears the same clothes throughout the film, yet still seems to look impeccably smart. Check out those blue eyes too. 

3. Marty McFly- Back To The Future 

This one is kind of embarrassing, but I have always had a little crush on Michael J.Fox. Demonstrating below his amazing ability to pull off double denim, Marty manages to combine equal amounts of ignorance and intelligence.Someone who has access to a time machine is someone I want to associate myself with. 
                     From 25.media.tumblr.com

4. Jason Bourne- The Bourne Trilogy

What do you get if you mix self-defense, intelligence, vulnerability and pretty face? JASON BOURNE. To me, Mr Bourne is in a superior league to James Bond and his amnesia gives him a sensitive side- he even gives the women in his life a pretty good hair cut. How can you resist?!

5. Dave- Kick Ass

By day he is Dave Lizewski, but by night this goofy teen transforms himself into Kick Ass, possibly the most clumsy and humdrum superhero there is. His passion for wanting to help people and his sheer disregard for the dangers he is entering into earns him massive respect from me. What a cutey. 

6. Harry Osborn- Spiderman 

I loved the character of Harry Osborn in Spiderman, he is so underrated. The element of his personality that impresses me is his determination. Despite it being an obsession with killing Peter Parker, he is nonetheless a man with ambition. His face isn't too bad either. 

7. Chuck Bass- Gossip Girl 

I know this is cheating, but my last dream boyfriend is from CW's Gossip Girl. I LOVE CHUCK BASS. He is suave, sophisticated, playful and has THE most amazing accent. Despite his dark side, his eternal yearning to be with his first love Blair Waldorf is knee-weakening and anyone who can win an argument by simply stating 'I'm Chuck Bass' is pretty much flawless. 
             From indulgy.net