Friday, 16 August 2013

Marnie Simpson Joins Geordie Shore Gang as MTV Confirm Sophie WILL Appear in Season 7

If the current season of Geordie Shore hadn't created controversy enough, it seems season seven that was recently filmed up in Newcastle has got a number of fans asking several questions. A month back, cast member Sophie was suspended from filming after being overheard using a racial slur. This Monday, MTV then announced a new face that would be entering the infamous house. 

Marnie Simpson will be joining the gang for the seventh season and is none other than Sophie's younger cousin. Her entrance will be a surprise to the cast and the network tell fans that it isn't long until Gaz and Scotty T start vying for her attention- do we see another fight looming?
The 20 year-old is from South Shields and a former contender for the title for Miss Newcastle. When talking to MTV she proclaimed: 

“I think the girls will find it hard not to like me, but I know they will think I’m prettier than them. I don’t give in to guys easily, so the boys will have a chase on their hands.” 

She also promised that she would bring more drama to the show- SIGH. 
Sophie took to Instagram to tell the fans not to worry about her cousin becoming her replacement, saying that she will be present in the seventh season as it has already completed filming. Full message below: 
Geordie Shore season 7 begins on Tuesday 17th of September at 10pm.